People were dying in Lockdown without food in Nepal

People were dying in Lockdown without food in Nepal Why do people have to look at this even if the government dismantles it? Our country is Nepal, but Nepalis also have enough to feed their people. But the government has to do this. Even on such a day, even if we are greedy, what will happen to us? We may die in our country, Nepal. The government is also open to its own. Where do summer people like us come from? The government has given relief. Some people have a lot of people at home. They have not been able to eat for a single day.

In our country, there are people who earn money and eat in a day. Many people have also posted videos and died without food. It is not Corona who kills Bok, it is the people who take the government of our country. In this Lochkadov, all the people are more than just earning money. Even a house with money is ruined. But there is also a reason why food is scarce. Even when going to the market, Poliche sleeps wherever you go. The time is given in the morning for some reason but if you are going to take any honor during the day, you will also be caught by Poliche.

Now is the time for us all to work together to save one person. If a Nepali survives, you have rendered service. There are so many people we have saved Nepalis to eat. He has lived his life by going to other people’s houses in the village and beg. But the people living in the market have also been affected. What to do with relief. This will happen in a week if there are many family members. If there are less than six in the family, it will happen for a long time, otherwise, people will not be able to eat and their own life will be fruitful.

People were dying in Lockdown without food in Nepal with this lockdown and corona will happen to feels to know well understood all those Nepali but we need to eat food daily wise to need basic things to save their life. Some of the organization’s people will save the eat the food of them there. Some of the leaders youngs age people they have making them save the people to eat food. They didn’t know the about the Covid-19 themselves while given them a eat food with the people. 

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