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This Weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli Special

This Weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli Special of June 12, 2021, was held on Sony TV at 8pm at Sony television shows. This Weekend they have spent with the new guru will change to will doing this one over the stage side there. This weekend was doing working it super and one doing this one over there.

Florina and Akash Shetty will dance into the stage over there on the stage over there. thus weekends aren’t will change the guru and contestants will be paring the dance over there in the super Dancer Chapter 4. Geeta Kapur will give a good comment with them. Shilpa and Anurag will give a liber to give better performance over there.

Florina will give an impression with his previous guru because he was feeling sad while doing the miss her own guru on there. Supernal and Anish will do the everything’s will be fine and awesome one. Even the all of judges will be given standing ordinations with their dance over there. All the judges will be given a liber into the stage performance over there. Every Dance performance will be fine and doing their fine to give them there.

Geeta Kapur will be lead down with this performance over this stage over there Anurag will give Anish’s brother telling this dance own brother Dancer over there. Even the judges will ask to give them a comment over there. His own brother doing the fun and entertaining over them.

Prithvi Raj and Amar Deep will be making the dance on stage over there. Both of them doing their best own dance with the impression with the judges over there. All of giving the chap with them on stage there. They have to stand up from the chair there.

Shilpa will give a good comment to them. She tells them good change happen on Prithvi Raj over there. Anurag will give a good moment with them. Geeta Kapur will give good comments with Amar deep his performances dance this concept this. All judges will also give liber with good performances over there.

He will miss his own parent over there. His friends will be given a suprise with them there. All two friends give better good huge with them. The rest of their friends’ mother will give as he gives to eat food with them. Prithviraj will better friends with Amit and Sanjit. They have one of the best ever seen in the super Dancer Chapter.

Pari Tamang and Tushar Shetty will make change the guru this weekend. They have made them a good way to giving the dance into th le stage over there. All judges will be stand up from the chair with her Pari dance today. All of them were doing well done. Shilpa will give an awesome and good comment there. Shilpa will give a liber there. Anurag will give the stair to bring them there. Both of them going the stair there. Geeta Kapur will also be happy to give the comment with them there.

Full entertainment action Pari’s father will dance on the stage over there. Pari father will be leaving the stage due to his own personal work happen for doing there. So he will miss the Shilpa in the super Dancer. Both of them were right now dancing over there. She will be happy to dance with Pari’s father over there. Shilpa will share the Pari’s father Mahinda showing in the shows there.

Mama Ji will be trying to give a Sahari over there. Arshiya and Bhana will change the guru this weekend over there. They are doing the awesome dance on the beautiful songs over there. All judges will be happy to give a good comment with them there. Even they have given the liber over there. Even her grandmother will be miss a lot there. Her grandmother will be miss while doing her own working happen on it.

Her family member will die so her family will be making a sadness will be happening on there. Own daughter will be miss a lot there. Her grandfather isn’t anymore over there. Grandmother will be miss and even the judge will be miss a lot them there. Ardhiya also is crying a lot while listening to the grandmother will be made sad over there.

Amit and Swetha both were making the dance over there. Right now They are doing the dance over their stage-side there. Of them are doing the good comment with them. They have given them liber while his performances over there. Amit friends will be coming given them huge over there.

All of the contestants will be given a surprise the birthday of Shilpa birthday on June 8. Even the super Dancer Chapter 4 will be celebrated the Shilpa birthday with the super Dancer there. All of them are enjoying themselves there. Supernal and Amish will give the best performance of the day. This weekend they have got this one.

It will continue from tomorrow under this show will be stopped over there. Hope you will be read it this article nicely here.  This Weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli Special of Saturday will Episode will be ended here now.

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