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Happy World Day Against Child Labour 2021

Happy World Day Against Child Labour 2021 is held on June 12 every month this labour days will be celebrated. Even the world will be fighting against this Child Labour. It is an International Labour Organization-sanctioned holiday first launched in 2002 aiming to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour. It is observed by UN Member. It is observances by the UN, International Labour Organization. 

Different country will be facing it out will be finding out this. Even our country Nepal will be finding out there. Even the rest of the country they have making the family condition will happen to during this one over there. Due to family situation, they have to do their work with Child Labour working into the different sector to post there. 

People have done their job by helping their promise. Here too people have done it for their job. Promises have been seen to do this in many places. People may not even have heard of it. Why do people make promises? People here are living up to their promise after eating less at home. Governments have also imposed laws on most of these activities. There are many laws.

I have posted videos in many places and people from other countries may not have to do this. We also have to keep our promises to others, not just put others to work. Some people do not live up to their promises. In the village, there are also promises in the team, here the people have to work for their house. People may not be talking about this job

Today the Happy World Day Against Child Labour 2021 will fight against this one. We can stop this child labour from working there. Even the force doing these things happen under this one over. 

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