During this Lockdown in Nepal I feels Laziness
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During this Lockdown in Nepal I feels Laziness I have slept during the day and I have slept at night. As soon as I go out, I feel sick. I don’t even feel like doing certain things when I feel like it. People are interested in their work but people also have to go for their food. But my body is also dying. Even if the body is dying a lot, it will hurt even for itself later. You don’t even want to do what you are asked to do.

I don’t like to do that even when the sun shines during the day. If I do this work, I will do it in the evening. I don’t feel like doing that work. Not all people are happy because of Lockdown. People have not been able to eat because of Lockdown. Lockdown has also had a big impact on us. Because of this elasticity, there is a question in my mind as to whether it will be accommodated by Police. It is difficult to carry your wheelchair, but it is given in the morning. During the day, people also go for their work.

Even if you are very embarrassed, you don’t feel like working hard. People don’t do their job at work. You don’t seem to like the way people tell you to work. I think the same things happen in my mind, but I have to do it right now. In Lochkadov, watching other people’s videos is just work. I have done these things in my own channel, but also in this work, I feel as if I have not been very active, but I have done it for myself.

During this Lockdown in Nepal I feel Laziness my body will become and a mental headache happens to creative into my mind over there. Even there are nothings that will happen to do in these days. While spending with the internet only. The whole days I will be sleeping to days goes to pass it there. During this Lockdown in Nepal I feels Laziness whole spending with another source to shit with the family member to spend days going on. 

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