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What Happen on Lockdown in Nepal

What Happen on Lockdown in Nepal

What Happens on Lockdown in Nepal Due to more effort happens to run it out their daily life product to run their own family member. Government making to discuss for 7 days lockdown for the whole part of the place of Nepal. Most of the daily needed for a human being to save their life. According to the Nepal government, they have making to give the most probative towards the Virus.

Happen on Lockdown in Nepal

  1. Effect on Industries 

Most of the people who held to running it out their business to success to give their product immediately way making their product give into the market place. Without the people the industries cannot is out anymore there. Likewise the cement, rice, food item, and vegetable item which we can run making the business. The business will go into the downward part as the previous one.

2. Effect on Remittance Currency

Most of the people were working for the out of country form Nepal. They have to make send money towards his/her family member during this time. While there is a bank that will be open it will be more effort to run it out. There is low money will happen to as seen as previous past day. Money remittance will become to enter the currency rate will be decreased.

3. Effect on Transportation Service

When the transportation will be open he product will be going to immediately place. Without the transport service, we cannot give the right proper time. Some of the cases of material like Medicine, Petrol and more things will become from transportation service.

4. Effect on Airport 

While the close the airport it will be more import the service the things will come to move from one country to another country. While during this lockdown all the service will be made down. The airport is the most important of things which the people can move here and there another country. It will be more effective in the airport in Nepal while it makes lockdown in Nepal.

This is the things that were more what happens on lockdown in Nepal. This is my opinion feels to share what will be happening into their after getting the lockdown in Nepal. Some of the poor family people they are unable to make running their own family.

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