Pamadur Dara pani Vlogs of Village in Kaski

Pamadur Dara pani Vlogs of Village in Kaski is the place nearest to the highway of Pokhara-Baglung from this village will be visiting this Place. Even the people who will be finding this place under this village were seen the landscape over of the place of Nepal other. This is various type of house will be lives under this village there.

Even the place some of part will be making the construction undergoing on there. Even the people will have to make this one. Even they have done working with the land with the farmer over there. During the days time, they have going own place to moves on there.

We have visited this place under this one. Some of the people will be running this video on this one. We have fixed the village under this one. Even I have been fixed the problems that happen under this one. We need fixing this place to move on there. During the days time, it has been hot summer unable to sending on outside from the place.

We have open the pulisar under the rice mill there. We have brought this Bayern this repair this one. There is a high price of Bayern will the Company of ARB Bayern of Indian company there. We have to take this much more hour will be finding out this one. We have made this one. Even the person will be making this one under-seen there over there.

I like this place forever I see the over the top of hills even in the middle we have seen the vehicle will be doing out there. But the people will be lives own home during there. They have Making their own way to do this one. We have open the within a minutes to do there. All parts will be clean there. They have made this fixed within the hour of doing on there.

Whole days we have spent over we take breakfast over there. Even there is not like a Bazar which you can be eaten Mo: MO and chamomile will be doing there. We have to take noodles over there. Even I take a cold drink to do there. Even that person will be giving this coldest drink with us. This village will do the farmer will give sending the milk into the dairy farmhouse in morning and evening time over there. Pamadur Dara pani Vlogs of Village in Kaski once you can visit there.

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