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KnockOut of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 of Episode 19

KnockOut of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 of Episode 19 of June 4, 2021, it has been a long week they haven’t update the new episodes to running on there. This is held on Himalaya TV HD channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. First, the starting time they have the voice of Nepal teams will be wishes to Team Deep Shrestha with his Covid-19 in past 1 week ago. His health will be improving on it He in hospital for his check-up there.

Only This Friday and another Friday this only one episode will be running on there they have been noticing it there. Sushil will be welcome the episode of the voice of Nepal season 3 Episode from the stage side. All of the Coach teams have their 9 talent of contestants on every four coaches there. For each, they have pair of groups and they have discussed choose only the top 3 for the live round on the episode. This is all four coaches will be doing this thing to do.

For each coach have three singers they have give singer different songs to singing over the stage side. From the first coach will be started from Team Trishna contestant will singing as first in first three singers will do it. Sagar Hamal, Karna Raj Giri, and Suraksha Sinchury all of them right they have sung on the stage over there. Raju will give good comment to them.

Deep isn’t happy to satisfy the whole singing as the previous episode of the battle round. Pramod also well comments with them. Karna Raj Giri will goes on Live shows round for the next round. The rest of the two Sagar Hamal and Suraksha Sinchury both them isn’t selected for this round.

The second KnockOut round will be going on Team Raju. Ganbir Budha Magar, Samrat Bhandari, and Sonam Sherpa both of three will be pair with KnockOut singing will be chosen from Team Raju. Three of them with the different journal songs will be telling on the stage performance over there. Trishna will be really enjoying and awesome with comment with them. Pramod will give satisfaction comments with three of them under this performance on the stage there.

Sonam Sherpa will choose the next round of Live Shows round. The rest of the two Ganbir Budha Magar and Samrat Raj Bhandari isn’t select from this knock-out round. Both of them journey will be ended here now.

Sushil will be ended this shows right now there. Only two teams coach of talent contestants of 6 people will be showing this episode 19 on Friday. The rest of there are only two talents that will be selected for the top 12 round on lives shows round. This KnockOut of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 of Episode 19 will be ended here. Hopefully, you will be enjoying it a lot there.

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