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Prohibition order in Kaski till Jestha 31

Prohibition order in Kaski till Jestha 31 still they have been updating this news from today again. We will be very much sad will be doing this thing over there. The Kaski administration has given further continuity to the previous ban, saying that the situation would not be alarming as the Covid 19 with new variants has spread rapidly.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the District Covid Management Center on Thursday. A restraining order was issued in the Kaski district on Baisakh 15. As the infection rate is increasing, the ban has been extended till Jestha 31. It will be more extended to large hamper towards the people view of point whole nation will very much happen to see the case over there. 

Public and private vehicles have been banned from operating till 12 noon on Jestha 31. Vehicles carrying essential items, ambulances carrying sick and crippled (maximum 2 persons), vehicles used by health workers and security personnel will be available to operate. Prohibition order in Kaski till Jestha 31 it will make the larger will be coming into there. Even the Pokhara will be making the larger and larger will be added more case happen to see there, 

Because of Corona, we don’t even have a dog. Some of us have become very tired. What are all the people doing? And the people don’t have to work and eat with the government. You have to work for a while during the day. We have to do our job. If you want to go to other work, you have to do that person. But our pond has also been added.

I was also shocked to hear these noises. In how many days will the government do this now in Pokhara? People are dying day by day. They can also be allowed to run.

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