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Have you Receive NEA Bills in Lockdown in Nepal

Have you Receive NEA Bills in Lockdown in Nepal under this Jestha month there are no bills that will update from the NEA office staff will be visiting the house to take the bills reading over there. But due to lockdown in a whole pat of place and Covid-19 in Nepal also increase during this time they have stopped to reading the received the bills over NEA bills you cannot receive the bills in your home. 

Some people will be asking the shall NEA bill will showing into online while under this month to check it out there. From your mobile device. Even I also be checking this time to time but there no more reading the bills will be into the system of NEA Office. Even I listen to the Nepal Television channel on Tv they have said you must be reading your Bills of this year you might be called with the nearest office of NEA from your place they have said it that. 

Even the staff of NEA people will be moving to another house they will be spreading sending the virus attack with one person to another person over there. It will be fined to open the lockdown at any time it might be coming up the next month to received the high amount of bills will be received with the 2 months over there. Even the government will be announced there is a free discount while we have done they’re paid the NEA Bills from online and others. 

We have not received any bills into our place on the Pokhara side. NEA will be automatic will be reading into the next month as soon as possible to easily from any source of the online transaction from your home. There are two types of the meter will happen to see there. One is the digital meter and another non-digital meter to showing there. 


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