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Worldlink Internet Network down in Server in Pokhara Today 

Worldlink Internet Network down in Server in Pokhara Today it happens at midnight at 12 am at the morning it will be down into our location in Pokhara. Even I also be a call customer care in morning time over there. It will take much nearer at 10 am in the morning they will be finding out the slove the server happens to find out this. During this time they have working with us. Hope it will be fine to see you there.

When I wake up in the morning time I see there is a network that will be working into the mobile device iPhone there. Even I have to call the customer care service to give what happens into our network downs on the internet he will give that answer to me on phone call there. Even I have to check the wireline from inside the room shall I will bet from a mouse.

But I have to get a clear way to listen to the phone while I have called the phone. But I have listened to it that it is unable to work into your place of Pokhara there. Further teams will be checking to place if location over there. Then I will be call fine into your place over there. Even I haven’t got the internet working into the place of Pokhara side to there.

Hope it will be sliving it soon. Even a few minutes of second while going on the internet I cannot leave any more with the internet but during this time we need to wait for this one. This message will be sent to all of the peoples to know it well for this. Even into our place isn’t working on network place the teams will be working under this issue to solve it. Even the user will be complaining to customer Care service over there.

We are waiting for the 10 am at morning time. Let’s see the teams will be working to solve this process to update this information with us there. If any facing this issue in working you need to share the problem to internet company they are helping us anytime and any situation they will be working with us.

Without the internet, we did not get the news to happen at a different pace in Nepal. Even the whole internet will be close to see the internet to check if the network will down then it cannot work it nicely over there. Hope you will be waiting for this moment on it. Due to rainfall in Pokhara its happen to face this issue.

This info will notice Worldlink Internet Network down in Server in Pokhara Today and hope so teams will be forwards this case slove as soon as possible under on it.

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