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Prohibition order extended till Jestha 21 in Kaski

Prohibition order extended till Jestha 21 in Kaski An injunction has been extended in Kaski for another week to prevent infection. The District Administration Office, Kaski, has issued a press release today extending the injunction from Friday to Jestha 21. As the infection with the new variant spreads rapidly, the administration has extended the ban for another week. Even before this, the administration has been extending the ban for one week at a time.

Day by day it will be an increased number of cases on the Nepal side but the government will be made lockdown the whole part of a place with the people. Still, the government listens to it out the people’s voice while asking them why we cannot take this effect to take the vaccine in Nepal. Even the first lockdown we haven’t take any check-up over there. Even the second lockdown will be announced by the government they didn’t know about these people. 

Even the foreign country people will be helping us our country to save the people and even they have to help each and every part of people of Nepali over there. Even the government of Nepal didn’t make them to covid-19 research over the whole part of the countryside there. 

The government has done the right thing, but why haven’t the people been spared and why haven’t the people checked? Why the government has not done it to all Nepali’s. The Nepalese people say that the government should also save us from the needs and the check-up corona. In the past, the government did more than it did, but it seemed to me that the government was wasting its money, but why didn’t the government do it and why didn’t the people work on it? It will be Prohibition order extended till Jestha 21 in Kaski to extended as more days will be remain will be added into your place of Pokhara side. 

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