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The Prime Minister will address at four o'clock

The Prime Minister will address at four o’clock Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is addressing the gathering. According to Prime Minister Oli’s Secretariat, the Prime Minister will address the gathering on the eve of the budget. According to Surya Thapa, Press Advisor to the Prime Minister, the address will be held after 4 pm. 

According to the constitution, the budget of each year has to be submitted to the parliament on May 30. However, after the dissolution of the parliament at midnight on June 22, the budget for the coming fiscal year is being prepared from the ordinance. Stakeholders have been suggesting not to bring budget from the ordinance. 

Today people will be sharing this information of them they will know about these things happen out prime minister from Kp Oli to do there. He will talk about the whole Nepali those who will be followed up the news under the country related basis to know it well for this one. Let’s see what happens while doing over there. Today at the Prime Minister will address at four o’clock there some message for information to all Nepali people. 

Kp Oil will give a message for those Nepali people who will be following his status to this. Even the people will be finding out this listen to it there. Even KP oil will be address to all of them. Today, Oli will keep his words. You will also see this around 4 o’clock today. What does Oli say today? Because of the work done here in the present time and because of the corona that has happened today, all people learn to do their work. Haram now said what a cup Oli took today. Hope you will be attended to see on the 4 pm at Nepali time to watch this. 

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