My Saturday blog Story Part 45
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My Saturday blog Story Part 45 at wake up at early the moring time over there. Since I wake up from the morning time I have checking 0ut to see there into the mobile phone to check out the youtube video there. Under this Saturday blogging story will bring a lot of new change to happen into their even the people will be using this one. After wake up then, I take to wash my face there then I take some hot water there and take a  cup of tea with some biscuit with them. Then I go for a toilet break for a long time there. 

Then come back own room to looking for news and article finding out how to start a blog over this throw from the website for checking into there. After a few hours, we have to take some launch break to eat into the kitchen room there. Even I also be thinking it that which one we will write an article to share into my website there to update the post daily over there. The whole day I will spend this  Pandemic facing this problem the whole nation over there. Even I also be following the lockdown rule and regular over to fight against the virus of Covid-19.

After taking the launch I take brush teeth into their own kitchen for wash there. After then I have to watch the tv in my own room to checking the video seen on the youtube channel there. Some of the videos will be able to see there. Even they will be looking into there. Even I also be updating the article for of the voice of Nepal season 2 episode 17 over into my website blog to sharing over there. 

Then whole days spending to watching the tv and whole day sending watching the youtube and also to see the Facebook news over there. Even the people will be bored with this lockdown happen in our country Nepal there. Even we have the whole spending this lockdown effect create to bring this  Coronavirus will be happening into the world country. That My Saturday blog Story Part 45 will be ended over there. In the evening time, I have to watch the show super dancer chapter 4 over there.

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