Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 17

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 17 of May 14, 2021, on Baisakh 31th, 2078 of Friday episode on the Himalaya TV HD held on every 8pm. Sushil will be welcome the program show from the stage side there. This battle will be the last episode of the battle round to see there. Even there is only one steal power who is the lucky winner will steal power from the coach there.

First battles go on Team Pramod contestants will make a battle with pair singing on stage. Abhishek Baraily Bishwokarma and Sudita Rai both will make the pair of singing into there. Both of them will do well on practice time over there. All judges will give a good comment both of them there. Sudita Rai will be selected in the Knock Out round for the next round there. Abhishek Barailya Bishwokarma is not selected for this round better trying next time. His journey will be ended here. He will doing this mistake while on singing time there so that Pramod will choose a female for the next round there.

The second battle goes on Team Trishna. Karna Raj Giri and Sameera Thapaliya both of them pair of battle round to choose from the coach. All judges will give good complimentary comments with them there. Karna Raj Giri will choose the selection for the next round of knock-out rounds. Even both of them really sing well. Sameera Thapaliya isn’t select for this round. Her journey will be ended here.

The third battle goes on Team Raju. Sandeep Rai and Kushal Shrestha both will make a battle pair with the singing on stage there. Both of them were singing really well. All the judges will be given a good complementary comment with both. Sandeep Rai will be selected for the next round of the knock-out rounds. Kushal Shrestha will be steal from the Team Deep. He goes on Team Deep from Team Raju.

The fourth Battle goes on Team Deep battle pair to sings songs over there. Sunil Thapa Magar and Shova Tamang both will be mix up of Battle Pair by Team Deep. Now they are singing on stage there. Sunil Thapa Magar will be select for the next round of knock-out rounds. Shova Tamang isn’t selected for this round. She will be better try for next time there. Her journey will be ended on the Voice of Nepal Season 3.


Sushil will be ended this shows there. Even this Friday episode will be close up here. Even the people will be watching it fully on YouTube channels there. Hope you will be following this show as favorites one to watch every weekend time there. This Friday Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 17 will be ended here now. 

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