My Saturday blog Story Part 44

My Saturday blog Story Part 44 I wake up early in the morning time there. Near time at 7 am there. Then I wash my face into the kitchen room first then after I take some hot water for a drink there. After then I take a cup of tea with some breakfast over there. Then I go to the toilet for a long break there. Then I wash my hand with soap there. Then I come back own room to shit there. The weather isn’t good for us on Saturday there.

After I wake to check some article over there. Then I will be watching the video of Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode over into my own mobile phone on the YouTube channel there. One by one I Will be sharing some articles to start over there. Even I open the notepad and YouTube over there. Minimum half an hour I will be taking this time to watch the full video there.

After 10 am we have to take a lunchtime over into with family member over there. Then I come back own room to checking some videos over there. Then I come back own kitchen room to take a brush tooth there. While a launch time after I take brush daily once a one time to brush teeth it. After watching the TV then I feel really sleepy and lazy over for me there. Then I will be sleep own room bedrooms there. Then I come back own room to check this one there.

The whole I will sleep in the afternoon time. After the afternoon time, I might be thunder the sky reaction over to rainfall over there. Even I take some video clips to share a video upload over my own channel there. After shot a video there then I am trying to edit a video into the kinemaster apps there. Then I create a thumbnail about the video there. While the upload a video then later I take a thumbnail to create and update theirs. Evening time goes spending with the rainfall there.

Even my Saturday blog Story Part 44 might be close up there. This day, while we have sitting into our own home and lockdown, will see this happen over there. Even I have enjoyed the lockdown also too own home there. During the lockdown, while days will be spending the sleep and video edit and watch the new serial that much I work in there. This blog will be interesting to read it out there. Hope the people will be following up to see this one.

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