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You have gone to the bank in Lockdown

You have gone to the bank in Lockdown I haven’t been to the bank for many days. How have other people go to the bank? And I’m also a banker. There are a lot of people in the bank who have not gone for any reason. There are a lot of people in the bank today. And there is no one outside. Even if you give your reason, Police will not give one. Many people are too tired to do their jobs. But there is a lot of talk about working. People go to my house because they work in a bank.

Those who work in the bank may also be affected. The people living in the bank have also become very poor. You also have to spend a lot of time in the bank to do your work. If there are many people in the bank, one by one, even in the bank. You have to wear center and go and you also have to wear a mask. You should also wear a good mask because even if you are old, give it to others.

You may have done your job by loading money from your bank. Customers are also angry if I don’t have money. You have to do your work even if you have money. Asti, my money was also wasted because I paid the money here by mistake. Here, he is firing from yesterday himself. I was also upset. Here is what I did by transferring the balance. There is also a mistake here. Maybe he didn’t go here because he didn’t do his job by making fun of himself. I wanted to give money today but I didn’t give money here.

I also get frustrated when there are people who do such things. The money is given to the people who have been harmed. I am also upset after they have made their mistake here. I still have fifteen opinions on the balance of my mobile. What to do now I have not gone to that balance. I have to walk here after I run out of balance, otherwise, I have to come here to pay. I’ll do it here, I’ll do it here. Here is the postpaid opinion on the mobile.

The reason for the above is that I may have put my money in the bank. But when the money came, he was happy. I was happy too. I will give the money here after I have finished the balance, otherwise, if the balance does not go, I will take the money from here and nothing will happen to me. Don’t go to the bank, stay in your house even in the time of Lockdown. Why do your chores at home? During this time You have gone to the bank in Lockdown due to some happen spread virus will coming into your home and other people also too. 

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