Second Lockdown begins in Nepal 2021

Second Lockdown begins in Nepal 2021 at the Baisakh 22nd, 2078 which the held to announce from the government of Nepal post out the News to all to follow the Lockdown as previous years. Since last year we have been Lockdown on Chaitra 2076 which the first Covid-19 will comes to enter into our Nepal. Now we can follow the rule of government to preserve our health care ownself. Since few weeks they have been lockdown the some of part which follows the vehicle run over in city valley only.

Nowadays it had been highly increased the Coronavirus in Nepal. In the valley of Kathmandu, there is a highly recommended increase in the people Covid-19 test happen to see there. As our border’s side of India. We cannot explain the Indian side of people even the government will strictly Lockdown on the border’s side in India place. Even I have listen oxygen gas isn’t there near hospitals due to patients will make leaves of died with their health.

At this time we have to stay own home. Don’t move anywhere else to another home near the side. While you going outside from home you need to wear a mask. If you have urgent work you will able to go there. Even you need to make the distance between mask moment of people around into your place there. During this time we have face out the internet service happen to feels in all home. Since previous, we have to face out such problems to see there.

At this lockdown, we need to fight against the people to save this virus and we need to save this different person. We cannot eat anything else in different places at home as well as in hotels, restaurants, parties places, and other places to meet them. Even in our city case, there is a lot of people having a Covid-19 result give positive while checking the report of each people there. Since yesterday we have gone to Kristi Place there is happen on Corona in nearest people those who have to go on married ceremony with families member also too.

How were you feeling about thisĀ  Lockdown second begins in Nepal 2021 on the first-day start point into your place there? Shall the police move here and there into your place? Even the police trying to help with us during this time while you got a corona it’s very much difficult to see this. All Nepal didn’t going anywhere a place to meet them there. Hope you will follow the rule of the government there. But whole days spend sleep, eating and watch TV only feels bored with us here.

But at the time we need learn somethings news in search into YouTube to get earn money source from home. But some feel relaxed with family members stay at home. Some people will move with other people to talk about the Lockdown spending morning time over there. I think you will stay at home and try to do some interesting work in the home. Try to see time to time your new update happen into your place there.

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