Why the people will target to make money in YouTube

Why the people will target to make money in YouTube there is platform we’re free earn money without any investment money into there. Only you can upload a video and make a thumbnail from edit apps into your mobile device. But first time you can upload your video from your channel you cannot know how we can title and thumbnail and discripation to write in video. Highly recommend this feature in the world’s demand of people’s will be use this.

Under this YouTube channel we have to see the different kind of advantages and disadvantages effect to surfering with the people. Even the small child will able to use YouTube into mobile. Special our country Nepal they have think that I can able to make channel or YouTube then I will be started earn money from video there. But they didn’t know about what policy will targets getting monetization into your channel. Firstly you know that we can be completely the 4k watch time and 1k subscriber into your channel. Make sure that you needs your use own orginal content basis upload a video into your channel there.

How we can complete 4k watch time and 1k Subscriber

1. You needs make Gmail Account to create YouTube channel.
2. Needs attractive Logo and a background image update there.
3. You needs choose Categories channel basic related
4. You must be use video editing apps kinemaster and use thumbnail make from Pixellab Apps
5. Daily upload your video in channels.
6. Use title, description and tag in video
7. Visit your friends to follow them.
8. Share your link in social media page.
9. You need to complete target within 1 year

Trying to make this active toward your video to see there. Even the lot of people will be share unwanted fights and copy with other video to upload own channel. Trying to finding out what people will using a watch video to search there. While you choose a topic then you will get upload video there. Normally YouTube will be able to use first in mobile to get success in your life. If you within a year then you can be able to see the advertise into your video display other people will watch there.

Then you can be connected Google adsense with YouTube. You need create a for signing up while your complete your target of monetization into your channel you needs to connect on Google adsense there. After the teams will be check then you get monetization in channel there. In monetization policy we can follow under doing work on video. You needs follow them terms and conditions which rule follow to announce into their page side also too.

You can search the video related what happen into the present time and what happen to see before and after your reaction into your video improved to check there. Some of people also make to vlogs of travel place of Nepal side with own location to get new Change to see there. Before starting point we need work hard to get successful into your life to target get money from YouTube. Some of company have paid promote boost into your videos to reach high level getting advertisers there.

Mostly people have getting invested on money to teach audiences and targeting country to visit your video to watch there. Even the people will be follow what a new upload video to see their to get this one. Under those things you make think your mind then your can be successful in YouTube to earn money from there. So that why the people will target to make money in YouTube things they have make plan to start there. 

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