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First Day 2078 working on GaganGauda in Lekhnath

First Day 2078 working on GaganGauda in Lekhnath

First Day 2078 working on GaganGauda in Lekhnath This place is gone in the morning, we arrived around 7 in the morning. It was very cold in this place. It is very cold and hot in Lekhnath. This is the place we visited yesterday. We went home yesterday because there was no work. This is also the place where we are invited to Earth. There is an opinion in the house of a government official about who his people are. This is the work of the people of Office. We have to do this work. And we had lunch in the morning and we had to work on the first day.

The housework has been completed, but we have talked to another acquaintance about why the man from Viring may not have done it. And the people of Wiring have also come to see us. And here’s what we did according to the paper. And looking at the work here, it was not good. What is said here is also said. He put people here, but he also talked about whether it was from the hands of other people or not.

We went to that place in the morning. I had to go to the pit. Other people told me to go. I was about to leave. I was gone. And that fruit is in the hot hole and after completing it I have done my job. Rather than do that, we’ve done the same thing for Earth. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. I planted the soil on the wall. And keep the shell and salt in the pot. After doing that, I lost my temper. And other things are done by other people. I was wondering why I had to work even today.

And after work, we went to the house of the person we knew and ate. And for a moment we even had a goof. And we have finished the work of that place so that we can warm up after other works. I also remember this day. Now, in the days to come, I will tell my story. You must be watching. So that First of 2078 of Baisakh we have did working this place there. 

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