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How to join Rs. 20 ma Himal Ghumaune Offer in eSewa

How to join Rs. 20 ma Himal Ghumaune Offer in eSewa

How to join Rs. 20 ma Himal Ghumaune Offer in eSewa is the great offer. Launch from Yeti Airline which the domestic airport offer to eSewa to offer to get join from part of eSewa user. This offer will be started from April 5 to April 15 during this period we can able to join and participate under this content from there. While you join this offer you need read out first terms and conditions under this one. This is your chance to win this offer during to join this. So that why how to join Rs 20 ma Himal Ghumaune offers in eSewa this follow step below. 

Step by Step follow to join this offer
1. First you need goto eSewa Apps
2. You might be login your eSewa ID and Password or fingerprints
3. You can see a dashboard in home page.
4. Scroll down you can option ‘ Popular Services’
5. Select on Rs 20 ma Himal Ghumaune offers
6. Then you can put your mobile number and select option Rs 20 ma Himal Ghumaune offers
7. Then click on submit button.

This are the step to follow from the browser of apps which the people can able to finding out there. We needs finding it out through out the article to teach for all user. This is also big offer for those user of who join the eSewa user to become. For normal and merchant user also get participants under this contest to join it. During this 10 days you needs mention to your friend’s to join this offer.

If you have lucky one then you will winner of this contest. If you following up the terms and conditions under this. Each and every user will be supported to join it out under this offer. Hope the teams member will also be happy to showing this partipation under this contests. This is sonsper by Yeti airline to make to win this offer launch from esewa platform.esewa platform.

Even this offer will bring once only for user. Because the people’s needs to excited to knows this offer to join it out there. Even this big news for those Nepali user to join this offer on Rs 20 ma Himal Ghumaune offers in eSewa. If you need follow up the official page of eSewa to follow the lastest update news over there. Even the millions of user will be join out this. Even they have also be sharing this video into their own channel how we can join 


Once you will be see this blog post read nicely then you will be happy to join there. Even I also trying to join it already to get partipation under this offer there. Don’t forget this offer join out this offer. Don’t miss your chance this offers until the contest will running days. Hope you will see there and join there.Rs 20 ma Himal Ghumaune Offer in eSewa you get partipation there. 

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