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Harsha Ko Naya Barsa offer on Worldlink Internet

Harsha Ko Naya Barsa offer on Worldlink Internet

Harsha Ko Naya Barsa offer on Worldlink Internet is posted a page from the  Worldlink Communication to offer the new user to join this one. Since the people will be able to purchase this offer for the new and old users will be able to buy this offer. Let’s happy to customer to able to offer to mention with your friends and family this offer. Even the young generation people will know this offer to buy very much discount price from there. 

Here mention offer of the table to the New Customer And Exiting Customer 

Speed (Mbps) 20 Mbps 30 Mbps 40 Mbps 60 Mbps 80 Mbps
Monthly Rental (Rs)
1 Month N/A Rs. 1,550/- Rs. 1,850/- Rs. 2,200/- N/A
3 Months N/A Rs. 4,500/- Rs. 5,450/- Rs. 6,450/- N/A
12 Months Rs. 13,200/- Rs. 14,400/- Rs. 14,400/- Rs. 22,000/- Rs. 22,000/-

One Time Internet Set-Up Charge

Months 20 Mbps 30/40 Mbps 60/80 Mbps
Single Band Router Dual Band Router Single Band Router Dual Band Router Single Band Router Dual Band Router
1 Month Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 2,500/-
3 Months Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
Installation Charge FREE FREE FREE
Drop Wire Charge 500 500 FREE
Refundable Deposit 500 500 500

*13% VAT Applicable
A refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the Fiber Router in working condition. 

For more details contact this mention number

  • Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
  • Tel: +977-9801523050 (Ncell)
  • Tel: +977-01-5970050 (NTC)
  • Toll Free: 166001-55050 (NTC)
  • P.O. Box: 8207 Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Email: info@worldlink.com.np


  • Tel: +977-9801523050 (Ncell)
  • Tel: +977-01-5970050 (NTC)
  • Email: sales@worldlink.com.np

Customer Care

  • Tel: +977-9801523051(Ncell)
  • Tel: +977-01-5970050 (NTC)
  • Email: support@worldlink.com.np

Enterprise Sales

  • Tel: +977-9801523050 (Ncell)
  • Tel: +977-01-5970050 (NTC)
  • Email: enterprise.sales@worldlink.com.np

Enterprise Support

  • Tel: +977-9801523061 (Ncell)
  • Tel: +977-01-5970050 (NTC)
  • Email: enterprise.support@worldlink.com.np

These are the mention follow up the people will be finding out there. Hope our Wroldlink user new customer will be found over this one. You may have heard of this offer. I also like this offer but it is not time to renew but it is also easy to renew. This offer is for other new people. We also have to look at this offer. You are about to die. There are also prescriptions and details given above. Please see it

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