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Birata Village of Kristi Place of Nepal

Birata Village of Kristi Place of Nepal

Birata Village of Kristi Place of Nepal we moving this place for working fields of a father working on Yesterday. Since that’s a person will able to call they before yesterday because we are busy on that time so that why we cannot come it immediately time there. Even the people will be happy to see this one. While we have to move towards the place from Pokhara. It seems very much beautiful scenery will happen over from that place.

Birata is the small village area of Kristi Place of Kaski which the people of the lives of bromine, low cast, and many more people will on this society there. Even there are small machines run with diesel engines over this for a longer time there. Even the peoples can able to doing over this place to move on there. There is still road construction over this place. This place budget has big amounts there. So that why labor will still working there.

Dus particle will Romaing into the clothes we can see the face of people whole see this dirty particle there. There is no summer season that will happen see there. Because we are unable going this place to moves on there. Under this place will be said like this. If the rainy happened to see here you cannot able to comes here our village with your own scooter. There is no big problem happen on machinery part while he cannot come rice infornt there then had to make change Jali and Oram inside the machinery but the rice cannot pulisar there.

After the father, while checking into the machine then it will be fine there. Even the air was too high so that the rice cannot come there. This happens a problem with this machine there. We have slow speed while the dangerous happen to see there. While we have seen from the top of hillside there. Even the people will able to know this one. This area is the agricultural area of Nepal which people do agricultural into their own land there.

After fixing the problem a few minutes we have waiting for that. Then the machine will be fine and he can do fine to happy to make service under own machinery part to solve by the Mister there. We have to move on from Pokhara place for work there. I have seen the ever the plant will see there But the weather isn’t good to see the perfect image under this village. Once you will be visiting this place and feels realize under own brain then tell us.

Birata Village less amount of people will live there. But the working focus own agricultural work in different season. Even they have their own business on land to sell a product to supply from Pokhara Valley. There is no more working under this place. Only the small problems will be created there. Now it will be a fine machine there. Even a few words will speak from father own that person about own business to success there. After finesh work, we have taken the money and we against back on Pokhara.

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