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Fitting 20 inch Dunga of Indian in Matepani at Pokhara

Fitting 20 inch Dunga of Indian in Matepani at Pokhara

Fitting 20 inch Dunga of Indian in Matepani at Pokhara We went to this place this morning. And has been to this place before. The work about today was in this place. And we arrived early in the morning and came to father Bus. And we had father walk away from the phone and father was talking on the phone. I was coming. And we first went to the workshop to get respect and then the workshop was reopened because it was choked. And after walking, we are headed towards that place.

Since this morning, we have been hit by people from our house and people came to my house. The guests have come for their work and the reason why they have not come here twice is that they have come to our house and I was also happy. And in the morning he reached that place. And father went to be a part of that mill with a guy outside and we got him to do the fitting. Sagar and I have worked. And we were doing our job. And Sagar and I pulled out of the Motor.

He took out the Motor and looked at it. And father did it and father gave Sagar the job for that Furna and father and I started working on Viring together. And there were the works of Viring. And it wasn’t the same. Father had given the name of honor. And I went to that place and took a bath in my drum. I stayed in this place for a while and after this work I took this honor and went back to my place of work.

It was working. Sagar also had an account and we were making boards. And after making the board, we have fixed the board near the windows. And after that, I went to my house to eat and after eating, I went to Gautam Electronic to get old. I went to get oil from Machinery. And I had to work on my own. I didn’t think I would do it here today, and Sagar did it himself. Bikram had brought those baskets and Sagar had done it himself to get Oli out of the drum.

At the time of Oli’s exit, father was moving and we were told to hurry up. He said that he would be crushed when you came. I have done the work myself. We went to the hotel for lunch and we went to the hotel for lunch. We didn’t like the food. And after lunch, our work was almost over. Today this work has been completed. This is not the case today. Garo was also there to see the work. And it looks easy

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