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What is my life

What is my life

What is my life That is, people, talk about their thoughts. But I still remember a lot of things in my envelope. At some point, I even have to wait to come. But I wonder why I am not allowed to work. Why, in my opinion, is it not? I wonder why things haven’t happened. I haven’t even thought about my own. Life is better than wondering why people listen to others. Why is your family sad because of other things? But we didn’t know how we can be managed it.

I don’t even think about why I’m bored with my life. Why do other people have their lives like this? Why don’t you give it to me too? You never know when the next day will come. My life is about changing mine. There are so many things to do. Why is he fed up with it? In our lives, we have to deal with other people. After waking up, I have a thought in my mind that I have wondered why that person has been tortured.

There is nothing missing in my envelope, I wonder if there is anything I can do for the lost people. I wonder why people are like this. Why don’t I learn to talk to other people? Ask also works. Other people also have a lot of support. Yesterday we all sat down to do our best. But why is it silent today? Even if you think about your own life, you will not be able to learn what is in your mind.

People don’t just think about themselves. You have to do your own life. You may not know what happens in life. There are many unexpected things. It is different when you think about it. When we talk about this, we don’t say why our life is what we are. But it is said that other lives are like this.

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