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Fitting glass in New House At Arbavijaya

Fitting glass in New House At Arbavijaya

Fitting glass in New House At Arbavijaya place of Pokhara. Since time ago we have met with see this day. We have seen the whole day fitting glass into our own home. This is 4 mm of glass which very strong to use this all those new houses in a Pokhara. Since a few days ago we the glass brings from company own vehicle to leave this. But the people will come the only one day there. Even I look into while changing times over there.

This glass during a day time to see a blue from the outside part. But inside part, there is like a white one. I also to check while this is real or not. Then whole they are trying to fit this one. There are three people will coming there to finish this. Even the father and younger man will understand everything’s to check on there. Every room will open there. They will see you there. They have to change a window again while the people are not satisfied with this.

In the morning time, they come on a scooter with three people. They have brought their own vehicle there. One person will go on the other which fitting also a glass over there. He will come back again into our home back. Even two persons sitting there. One person makes window fittings and the other make screws in listy. Even we also are talking with them. They have also been bored while working time. Even we need to look into it there. While they did work nicely or not.

Even everyone isn’t trusted while doing work time. After we eat food there. Even I Bring milk from the near home side there. Then I bring there still the father making a cooking food there in the room. Then every time I look into their work to see. How they have changed a glass there. Even I want to look at it there. Only the younger man will be good rest of others people will isn’t good while seeing the work there. Even I also make a video from my own mobile phone to share one channel.

This one is the final which we have complete all colors finished in Windows there. Fitting glass isn’t a good way to fit there in Windows. It’s very much hard work. Even they have to check first and make ready for listy there. Taking a ham bar in one hand and the other to use to touch on Glass in Windows. This way to see while making this. If you have any work this change Glass then that person will contact them. If you have changed your glass in the home.

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