Visting Ghachok village in Nepal

Visting Ghachok village in Nepal

Visting Ghachok village in Nepal they before yesterday we have gone to this place together with our time and after going to that place, we also have the opinion of meeting our friend. This mill already has an opinion. Many people also come to this mill. This is an old man. This man has done other things as well. The caretaker of his house also has the opinion to work. And the sons also have opinions. The sons here are the ones I know. I have been praised together and I have known. My friend also knew me.

And Jada was also used to building a mill at a friend’s mill. And the mother here was very nice too. Good things were done. Those who do good work are called good people. I have known my friend for a long time. The friend was very happy. But what to do with happiness. Husker had a problem at the mill. There weren’t many things in Husker. And this is what I brought to Bhanu’s shop. Here a son lives in Pokhara.

Here he called his son. And the son is also in the car. There is an opinion that vehicle time will also come. There is an opinion that hits your time. And here’s the man in the jeep he drove himself. The people in the jeep would have arrived on time. We also had our say. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: In the days to come, we will have to visit this place. And we have lost everything before. He was also here and we sent him to open and take the same.

Tesco’s full-fledged bugs didn’t move. And Tesco had to change Bayern, that’s what we brought. It was too late to get the same and fit. The road was not very good-looking. The road was very dusty. And this is what happens in Season. And a few hours later the mill was found. There is a lot of garbage everywhere in the mill house. It’s not that you do your job just because it’s dirty. That’s our job.

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