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Hot Season Started in Nepal 2021

Hot Season Started in Nepal 2021

Hot Season Started in Nepal 2021 this February 25 it feels much hot while sitting in the daytime. Even the day I need asleep in the bedroom. Anytime we need sleep and are bored with doing any work with there. It might increase slowly the summer reacted to feel it. Even I also type a laptop to doing sometimes it might make hot myself feeling on. From our place of Pokhara, it might slow increase hot season started. During the daytime, we cannot stay in the sun while wearing warm clothes in sun.

From today, I also feel like it is hot. What is happening in your place? You may feel hot. I feel like it’s getting very hot in the place where I live, but it’s also like I’m gone for a while. It also rained this month. It feels hot because of the rain. Wearing half-clothes during the day is heart-wrenching. But when choosing a scooter, you have to wear warm clothes. I’m in my room now, but I feel hot.

From now on, the rainy season will come, and it will be boiling. Now the day has come to run the freezers and the day has come to run the fan. Now the summer is about to start in Nepal as well. You may not have considered it. Now the sun is shining, and if you are working outside, it is boiling, and you are sweating while working in the sun. Wearing warm clothes before would not make you sweat. Comes now.

It doesn’t feel like orange at night in Season. And I like to sleep during the day. Most of the time it is very boring. Nowadays, the sun is not shining well. Not well worn on sunny days. I feel hot sitting in the sun. Today I will consider tonight how I will be tomorrow or not. If it’s hot, I’ll take care of it.

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