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Happy Sonam Losar 2021 in Nepal

Happy Sonam Losar 2021 in Nepal

Happy Sonam Losar 2021 in Nepal it held into the February 12 every year comes on it. This holiday is known as Sonam Lohosar in Nepal and is a public holiday. It may be celebrated on a different day in India and Nepal depending on how the lunar calendar is interpreted. The first day of the new moon during the month of Magh in the Bikram Sambat calendar.

Today people’s will meet together makes a fun with each other. They have own groups with certain places wherever they meet each other and spread to share a message a Losar to them. Special the women’s wearing a culture dress of tamangs dress. As well as male also wearing own dress. They haven enjoyed with others in a group way to celebrate it. During this time people’s have less meeting with own family members and they’re call only relatives persons will come homes.

They have their own culture and dialects which distinguish them from other ethnic groups. Tamang means Horse Traders. In Nepal, the main Tamang community is located in the central highlands as well around Kathmandu Valley. Buddhist monks perform masked dances and rituals to drive away negative forces and bring positivity for the family and the people.

They have visited own temple to worship their. There some programs will launch it there to join them. Some of people’s don’t know the relatives people person they have meet there. They have known them. Just entertaining with each other’s. They are doings a holidays in Nepal. As Pokhara have also meet organizations office to noin this celebration on it.

Hope you will be celebrated enjoying with well for it. Under this festival they carefully while enjoying with other people. This year will makes themselves. This 2021 year will doing Sonam Losar under the tamang caste.

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