The earthquake has gone to Nepal today - laxman baral blog
The earthquake has gone to Nepal today

The earthquake has gone to Nepal today

The earthquake has gone to Nepal today on Tuesday at 10:01pm at night which coming from the china part which I feel this one. Even I am donging sometimes while into the laptop side then there is the vibration of the vehicle feeling on it. After a few minutes, the father will be calling to phone call there. Since the father was in Damauli place for working there. Even the mother also didn’t feel while the sleeping time. Even I also feel that vibration on it. While trying to make an article into the laptop. 

I was combing my hair. And to dry it, I opened my laptop and ate. And not many things happen on a laptop. But also in doing their job. And when I was using the laptop, I thought I had a hint of a wheelchair, but my friend also told me in messenger about Facebook. And I also put it in my stasis. You have to do what you have done. At this point, we have to do it.

Wherever we are, you have to tell others. We, the people of Pokhara, know that it has come. This thing has come. When talking, it has to work. This is the time to tell others. And if it’s too late, you have to get up from home. But it will remember the days before. But sometimes it goes somewhere. I had a feeling of being big today. And because of Thulo, all people go to life


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