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The work of the Dunga mill is done

The work of the Dunga mill is done

The work of the Dunga mill is done It’s been a while since we last saw you and I haven’t been able to post my blog. And that’s what we did. The Machine didn’t work much. And when you run the machine, it gets very hot. And we did it by doing this and that. And we had to move. And yesterday we did it well. And my Father did the whole job. I also helped Phather in his work. And I’ve been doing this since yesterday. And you have to do it very well while working.

Yesterday this man told us the whole thing. This is your foundation, this is my house, this is what I did in my house. And today I also went to work. This man was harassing us. And this guy did a lot of work. The mill here is a flour mill. Here is the boat mill. The Indian Dunga mill is here to work. Here’s how to put one together for use with your business. Here you do a lot of work yourself.

There is an opinion that it will be easier if you are at home. And if you pay Tesco’s money in someone else’s house and keep your own money, it will be very difficult. We ate our own food and went to this place. There are many people living in this place. There is also an opinion in the big room. And the shop also has an opinion that it is very good to do your business. This work has been done by many people.

It didn’t take us long to complete the mill. And this work is very busy while working. There is a lot of work to be done. And I was also open to relationships. I have also worked openly for this. The people here are also very nice. You can see in the photo here that you are also my fitter

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