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Foggy Weather on Morning at Syangja NewRoad

Foggy Weather on Morning at Syangja NewRoad

Foggy Weather on Morning at Syangja NewRoad when we wake up from early in morning time while I sleep at 4am in morning time there. When I call to father please wake up me here. Then father will be wake up it there. After 5:15am then we move towards form home. Then there is too much cold myself over there. Then we have taken wearing warm clothes there. Since the morning time there too very much foggy will be seen there. There is a lot of people were moving from one place to another.

If it is very cold this morning, it will be cold. And it happens when we hit our house. And we go to get our stuff. It’s very cold today. Easy on scooters. And yet I also had Garo. There was also Solid. Because of Sold, I had a headache. And we get it, but we get it. The night time I have done for my house. Slow drives even at night.

The roads are also very easy. The road is also hollow in the middle and easy in the middle of the past. I was also doing my drives. And even after the explosion, it was very cold. And even if it is broken, it becomes difficult. Today it was hard for me to work. There has never been such a winter. Today is the day to go in the cold air.

We had to take the goods to the mill. We also had work to do. And it has gone to solid fit and other mills have also fitted. And I have also helped. There is other work to be done.

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