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November Rain effect happen in Pokhara

November Rain effect happen in Pokhara

November Rain effect happen in Pokhara after a long time its cannot rainfall over into the place of Pokhara. Today while waking up early in the morning time. There is a huge amount of cloudy were happens to see there. It might react to a rainfall effect for us with my mind thinking it. Shall it trying for raindrop will fall in the ground were effect while the reaction of weather whole nation of Nepal? 

The same thing has happened today in November in Pokhara. It is going to be very cold today. From now on, I will not be able to stay in Rati. And even at bedtime, I feel like it’s getting cold. And I didn’t want to go out. And the cold wind blows like this. Today has been a frustrating day for me.

It rains a lot this month. But it was raining today. And how tempting it will be at night. It’s cold outside now. There is no mind outside. Now you have to wear a lot of clothes in the cold, otherwise, you will not get well and many people will get sick.

It will be raining from the beginning of this month and there will be a chance to come on other days. And we have to look at a lot of things this time. When sleeping, you have to sleep well dressed. You don’t even feel like touching the water, you have to drink hot water and you like to give your hand with hot water. And you also need tatu at the time of mouth feeding. November Rain happened to teach with this weather happen today. 

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