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How was your Dashain going on 2077

How was your Dashain going on 2077

How was your Dashain going on 2077 it held into the Kritik month of 10th day it will be running for more than 15days will be running out the Dashain festival in Nepal. Since this year is very much year which the people can celebrate this Dashain. This is year isn’t good for celebrating this year. Dashain isn’t good for me and you. Some people will be celebrating this festival with their own family members there. Some people will bring the meat with the group into their own location people there. 

I have also celebrated this decade. And what happened to your Dashain? And I was fine too, but it wasn’t a good shift either. And I also said that I was vaccinated for ten years, but I also vaccinated with my family. And always stuck to his family. Today was not a good day for me. And in your tens of years, you may have to go to the homes of people close to you to get vaccinated. And I never went to someone else’s house.

On the last day of Dashain, I have vaccinated you. And I was also happy when I was vaccinated. And on the day of Purnima, I am staying with my Mama and Mahiju. He also went to his uncle’s house. And on the tenth day of the month, I put vaccines in my house. And he has vaccinated his father and mother.

I didn’t want to go anywhere because of this corona. From a young age, I didn’t even like Koshi’s vaccine. First, he went to his uncle’s house to get vaccinated. And it was fun. His uncle has also gone abroad for work. The family has also gone to Kamran. And even now the phone was never working. Where did you go? And you are celebrating with your home.


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