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Have you Miss your Friends in School Life 

Have you Miss your Friends in School Life

Have you Miss your Friends in School Life  It’s a long way from today. I still miss my friends when I was in school, but I haven’t even meet them now. And the friend stays in his envelope. And everything happens in the envelope, but there is also the opinion that there will be a lot of misses when it comes to friends. I miss school so much. And even staying in a hostel is an opinion to remember. My friends didn’t even think of me. When a friend has done his own thing, he is of the opinion that it will be bad for the friend later.

When I was in school, I also used to go to school like I used to. And I didn’t even bunk at the hostel. One day when I went to the hostel, I had saved my hand. At that time, I was told by the head of the hostel. And I went to my house. And the head was looking for me I went to my house. And he didn’t even take it at that time. And I went to my hostel tomorrow. And my head was pounding.

Where are my friends now? Some have gone abroad while others are in Nepal. I remember having a lot of fun with my friends. And the negative thing was on the mobile, just like I used to keep in my house. And the heights were also given by others. And friends used to come to my house too.

Even the funniest friends of school still come to my mind. But friends, it is still fun to be at Bhat’s time. I’m not even sure now, my friends. Has settled in its envelopes. Today, I don’t know if I remember that or not, but I have to bear all my memories. Missing friends is remembered in many things but it will never come back in life. Still, I miss friends, my friends, forever moment into my life. 

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