Visiting Kimaldada Place of Tanahun

Visiting Kimaldada Place of Tanahun

Visiting Kimaldada Place of Tanahun in the afternoon at 12pm at moving forwards from Pokhara to Tanahun place there. This place was too hot during the summer season during this time its very much hot season happen to see there. Some of the people were lives in the Kumal member-only there. Only 1hours we arrived under this place to move on there. There is too much difficulty while going into that place there. The road is dust happened to see into the highway side there. 

Today it is very hot in that place. But you have to work. I have also worked. And I’ve been to that place before. And the potters in that place have village opinions. People are also absorbed in their work. There is a problem with water in the place of There. People are busy with their work. His money is in Season.

She is also in the mill. Good for making things easier for people. People are done with their work. And it starts with the family. And people had to do their job by doing their job. That man also has the opinion that women do their work. They move by themselves. It is also easier to work on your own. And it will be easier if you run it yourself.

Those three were also very sunny. Because of the sun, those three have a very hot opinion. And after that, there is an opinion that it will be very difficult. During the day we have a hard time working. And winter hasn’t gone to Season that place. And you must have gone to this place. But I still have to do my job. We went in the afternoon. Who came to his house in the evening? And I felt like I had done a lot of work. This Tanahun place is very much hot over there. 

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