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I don't know what my job

I don’t know what my job

I don’t know what my job I don’t know myself. And I have not been able to think for myself what I have done. But I have also asked myself what is for myself. And people who are educated are employed by themselves. Jobs are not for everyone but people are asking me. I don’t know what your job is. And we stay in our jobs.

My guess is that I have shelled out my envelope by blogging about the things I have done from my website. That is the thinking of life. But it is also easy for others to check what I have done. The deeds done by oneself are also seen. People think about why others haven’t done the work they did. Do it for yourself.

There is no job, I don’t know why I have to put my envelope on, but I still think that I will think according to what I have thought. Many people in our country go to another country without a job. You have to learn something by going abroad. People don’t pay the same amount.

The things I know have to be learned, and it is easier to be taught by others. I have been told by others that my job is to leave my job. But the work of Father is not bad either. Good work is easy after teaching. It is also easy for later. There is a lot of fo job that was available into the finding out of Nepal.

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