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Agriculture Fields on Kafaltari on Syangja

Agriculture Fields on Kafaltari on Syangja

Agriculture Fields on Kafaltari on Syangja there is plenty of lands were happen to see there. Since while I cross the area of the bridge I see there too much seen a landscape to cultivated land over there. Since this time they have made growth Rice there own land. This place also an Agriculture sector land there. While I visit the place of working fields with my father work there.

This month of October will be running it here. During the rice will make change a color of green into yellow color they have cut their grass and make to separate rice there. This is a very much high plan here to do anything there. I see around into that land there is also a river flowing into the oppsite side of the land. It will very easily bring water into the land which needs eletricity needed there.

If people want to increase must more things there. It will be growth various items for brings over there. But there are less fewer people who will live there. Even in the village area, people will be going to the city further study or a foreign country for working there. There are old people who will be doing to get interested in the accident period of their father will do this agriculture there. Still, this season is favorite and a good climate will change it there.

Under the Kafaltari place of Syangja, I have found a banana tree in which they have grown into their land. But this year there huge amount of waterfall into rainfall all over the land. Mostly the people will be very hard to cultivate land there. Due to lack of facilities will be available to put their insects to remove organic Mal there on Rice. I really enjoy the moment of the place where the people can grow also the vegetable there also too.

At this time we haven’t season further growth process. But the rice will be seen on top of the flower to happen to see there. You can visit it once under this place to moves on there. How the work hard on agriculture line there in Nepal. Nepal also agriculture in the World. But the people cannot do interest to work in Agriculture there. Here hill area places they have different types of make growth there. It depends on the place in which growth will be increase or not there.

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