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Bill Book Renew Date will be Expire of My Scooter

Bill Book Renew Date will be Expire of My Scooter

Bill Book Renew Date will be Expire of My Scooter for 1 yearly I have to renew the date of the vehicle of two wheels. This year will be good and safe to drive anywhere. If their bill book will expire the Traffic police will be checking it out Bill book for a vehicle in different places. For 3years I will continue to renew the process into the Yatayat office of Pokhara at Prthivichowk. Every we need to make Tax for the government for any vehicle which you will be brought into your home.

If your bill books will expire it will work for 3month after 3month complete it will be an extra charge to pay for you. Within this 3month you should be paid the Bill book to renew into the Yatayat office. There is only a 1-year system in Nepal to pay a tax for the government. Our friend’s sister was working on the Yatayat office she will be doing everything with my bill books there.

Before going to the office I will be called with her via phone call there. She will know me well for it. She will be doing everything there. During this time we cannot go inside the office only the staff will be working on there. Let’s see what happens to react under the upcoming day while my bill books renew days there. There are only two days ago left to expire bill books.

I will be sharing some screenshot image which I renew process for bills into through this website I will be mention everything that happens to see this time. Since the previous year, I received my bill books in the evening time. During that time we went to going for the further working field of father work to move there. Then I come back then I call with her to receive the bills book there.


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