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Good Morning from Marki Village of Nepal

Good Morning from Marki Village of Nepal

Good Morning from Marki Village of Nepal is the very beautiful place of Nepal which is located near Pame place opposite the side of the hill that this place was lives on it. There is a beautiful scenery of the green of the agriculture field over the hills of the forest side there. Since moring we have to take some tea over there. There is already a sun rise into the sky side were seen it a very nice and beautiful one. One of the beautiful grandfathers was giving the tea with me there.

I just a pick up a mobile device to take an image over there. Even the people will be seen very much happy to see this place of beauty to reacted on there. In the morning time a there little bit much for cold to ride a scotor from there. The water was totally stopped it there. There is clear and perfect weather happen seen in that place. When I look into the nature of the condition under that place to see it.

Since in the winter season we need to take tea and coffee with the beauty of nature will be talked with them. While I see a green were perfectly clean to shot a photo over that place there. I take tea there then I take a tea of glass over inform of the were even green there.

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