Shall Pokhara valley is Lockdown Today

Shall Pokhara valley is Lockdown TodayShall Pokhara valley is Lockdown Today I’m confused about it. Since yesterday I have read it out the news of Pokhara valley has been lockdown will be updated there. Even I also share it out the video shot from my channel too. Last night 12am it will be started a lockdown in Nepal. Still, I’m waking up from my own bedroom there is moving a vehicle sound were listen to it there. Still, I will also be confused about this lockdown or not.

Due to Corona will be an increase in Pokhara the government of Mahanagar Palika will be updated to notice information for all discuss meeting to make it lockdown there. What type of lockdown will be held on Pokhara valley? I know the most of part of the ward were make a danger zone to make a Sill there. But I listen to some of the people’s voices through listening in to talk with me it has been lockdown started from Tuesday in Pokhara.

Some of MotorBike will be moving there in the Roadside from my home. That is lockdown or not what happens going on it. Shall the news be fake that why? What kind of lockdown will be held going on it? Over 2 hundred were attacked to see the report of Corona Test from the PCR report as positive that why the make them lockdown in Pokhara. Still, the police were working on their sill place of Pokhara. Mini Van was moving their load of Sandy from the river to put into the bucket of the vehicle.

Please tell me people of Pokhara shall your area will be running a vehicle or not. From Simpani place, there is moving a vehicle there right now. I’m a worrier to know the news. Shall people break up the rule of Lockdown or what? If you know about this news leave your comment below. If there is Lockdown lets wait for a moment in the afternoon time. What reacts will be updated on the social media page.

If you know about this try to share your link hope it will be understood well. You will be share with me below comment box there. We need to stay safe from this virus attack. You can be read it out this virus nicely. If you have urgent to need wear a mask and don’t go mask moment crowd there. Some of Facebook of Pokhara have shared this notice on Tuesday it will be lockdown there. Hope so shall Pokhara valley is lockdown today or not things will know it.

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