Today I Visiting Gagangauda Place of Pokhara

Today I Visiting Gagangauda Place of Pokhara

Today I Visiting Gagangauda Place of Pokhara I wake up at 5:30 am in the morning time from my own bedroom which my father wake up me. Early morning time there is little rainfall happen to see it there. After I wake up from my own bedroom I take a washed face into my kitchen room. My mother was ready to make tea and breakfast over there. Then after wake up 30 minutes, we move forward into this place to travel there.

Instead of going to the place in the morning, I took my ranch. And she is wearing it. And the water was simmering. And it rained in the middle, but it didn’t rain. And the water was not heavy. And before I left, I was shocked to see that man walking. And I had run into that number. And the mobile phone was not rechecked. And the phone was turned on by the man himself. After we went to Bijayapool, the man walked by himself.

After walking, we were also sad. And Maj hit his side and got on his scooter on the way. And looking the way was not good. But it was a bad road because of the water. And the water is fine, but it also falls in the Highway. Gagangauda below is in place. That place is also flooded with water. And Machinery had a small job and after doing that job I snapped a photo myself. That was our task this morning.

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