Happy Eat Khir Day on Shrawan 15

Happy Eat Khir Day on Shrawan 15

Happy Eat Khir Day on Shrawan 15 Even today, this festival is being celebrated by eating kheer and sweets in every house. Throughout the year, it is customary to cook kheer on the 15th of Saun and share it with each other, just like eating barley flour and servant, sometimes curd Chura, Quanti. Not only its culture but also its scientific significance is great.

Not only in Nepal but also in India, it is believed that eating kheer in July is very auspicious. Nepalis eat kheer at the beginning of July, saying that milk should be eaten before meat. Today all the day of people were doing to eat with delicious food items of milk daily. Experts say that it is customary to eat kheer to avoid the coming winter and years of work fatigue in the month of July when milk and ghee are abundant.

Today is Shravan Pandar. This is the day when all Nepalis go to Khir on the 15th. And we have to eat home-made milk. And to keep rice is to eat. And the first step is to wash the raw milk. And after that, we have to keep the rice for Khir. And in rice, we have to keep the chin. And you don’t have to do much work. And I also ate today. But I have not shown that photo.

You may have eaten together with your family. And you must have had a party at your house. And today is the day for all Nepalis to go to Khir. And today I have done my homework. And you can do it in this photo.


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