Visting Podi Place of Near Tanahun

Visting Podi Place of Near Tanahun

Visting Podi Place of Near Tanahun we move from at day time of 11am at the moring time of Nepal. We move from the place from Arba village to which the father stayed over there. That person will be calling my father’s phone call with us there. After a long time, we spend to goes to that place. Due to heavy rainfall react on the night time since last Monday day. The whole part of the place was rainfall over heavy fall into there.

While we move forward ride with scotor from the place of Lekhnath. While we move over to cross the Taalchowk of Lekhnath. We move on Gagangaunda down place with the near place of Kore place of Tanahun place. There is rainfall flow into the row of over side of the roadside. One truck holds on the waterflood over there. There are traffic police who were there checking the line of the vehicle.

Going through this pool meant that the road to that place was also difficult to go because of the water. And when it’s raining, it’s very scary. At such times, we don’t have to go to the water. Why so many people have lost their lives because of water. The water is also heavy. And there is an opinion that even when it is like this, it will be difficult. And all the clocks on the way were frozen. And there was a lot of water. And then the return was even lower than before.

And when we got to that place, we had to do the work of that angina with my help and I also helped. And the photo she saw is a photo of that house. And when you look at that photo, it is also distorted. And your work is also done in the city. And it is easy for you to see.

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