Finally I cut my Hair at Barber

Finally I cut my Hair at Barber

Finally I cut my Hair at Barber with the place of near place form my own home side. It will be taking a few minutes from the scotor ride from my home side. During this Ashar month, it has been a birthday which I haven’t make to cut off my hair with there. The whole part of the head it cut with Zero levels of hair into my head there. That barber will already know it well for me.

After many months, I cut my hair. And there was a lot of side ma on the back of my hair and I was going to get a haircut starting from the last day of Asharko. And yet I was also talking about tomorrow. Mail also came the next day and after I ate, I went to Ansuar of the plan. That person I already knew. And even on the way, there was talk.

You might as well go to Barber, it will be easier for you later to do it at home, but it is not as good as Barber, but nowadays we also lose in our YouTube videos to cut it. You can sit at home and cut your hair. And if you know how to get lost in your family, it is better to do it here. Many of his teleological will come in the coming days.

The hair can be very hot and cold. Even sitting in the sun is hot. And it was easy for Tess and me. I was also very late. Now I don’t have hair, it has become easier for me. And it will be better after cutting the hair a lot. It’s not that I haven’t cut my hair myself. Aileen did it with a lot of gusto.


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