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Happy Birthday Laxman Baral To You

Happy Birthday Laxman Baral To You

Happy Birthday Laxman Baral To You he turns into 26 years old right now. He was born on June 19, 1995 A.D. He was born in Simpani-1, Bagar, Nepal. His born place was born in Kaskeri place of Pokhara valley. Since he has been pass SLC From Spiral Galaxy Academy. He passed on +2 on Pokhara Higher Secondary School. This is the 26th time where he was celebrating his party’s own home.

He was right now own home to stay fight against with Coronavirus to stay there. Even he hasn’t got any married during this time. Still, he was single. He already brings his birthday cake from Bagar place which I said It yesterday morning phone call. He was wake up from 5 am own bedroom. He goes move on Downfloor to wash a bathroom.

After he showers with water over it there. He was worship with God blesses into his own home it there. There is a rainfall reaction since the morning time continues raining on it. But it’s difficult to worship a puja of God. Today I got a plan with a party with alcohol with family members to enjoy with them. Even I’m also trying to share my own idea to clear it.

This year I saw very much bad year in which I haven’t received a new phone and a new watch and much more time was a plan to enjoy with my sister. She was in Bahrain country she comes back towards Nepal due to this Corona enter our country Nepal also.

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