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154 Nepalis returned home from Saudi

154 Nepalis returned home from Saudi

154 Nepalis returned home from Saudi who was in trouble in Saudi Arabia due to the coronavirus epidemic that has returned to Nepal today. He landed at Tribhuvan International Airport on a chartered flight of Himalayan Airlines. Himalayan Airlines will make its second flight from Dammam, Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

There are 226 priorities for repatriation from there. Similarly, Nepal Airlines will fly from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on June 21. It is said that 150 Nepalis will return home from the Maldives on Friday and also from Kuwait and Qatar. Since today they will become into Nepal coming today Friday.

Today, Nepalis from Saudi Arabia have come to Nepal. This is good news for all Nepalis. And you must be happy too. And I was happy too. For many days, birds have come to Nepal with their citizens in their own country. The people here are very happy. And it has also come to say that you live in Nepal yourself. Now you live here with great pleasure. If you don’t stop here, you can stay at home.

The people here live in your own house. And on the 14th day of the Current, you can meet the people with your family. And I am also happy that Nepali’s have come from Saudi like this. This has been discussed in the Embassy of Nepal but the Government of Nepal should look into it at such a time. Nepal did not return after the end of the war here.

The birds that have come to their country may be very happy, but the government will have to provide food for them, but they will have to spend their money. This has already happened in the subject. I have returned to Nepal today and today at Nepal Airport.

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