Visiting Bhurjungkhola place Today

Visiting Bhurjungkhola place Today

Visiting Bhurjungkhola place Today at a moring time at 8 arrive that place was with my scooter ride with there. After one year back under that place was moving it there. Some people were working in the field of agriculture make. This place looked good and nice one travel this place to move on. There is a rice mill were that place which I move on there.

That person was a good and nice one while talking with them. We made a ride from our own home.

He has gone to that place after a long time. And I have shared my photos with you on Facebook. You don’t even have to take photos because you have to leave. And it will be easier if you do it yourself. We have a small problem with The Machinery. Father and I went together. And they worked hard and ate. While working, I also worked. I belonged to the forest of Green. And he did it himself. And it is easy to come to a place.

Somewhere that turn  happens. And it doesn’t work without a tool. The tools are torn. It is also easy to work with. And we also have to work hard. The place is good for greenery. People did their jobs. And now in the month of Asar, Rupali happens in our country Nepal. People live in Rupali a lot. I have also clicked on a small video. Please watch this video, my friends. This is awesome memory were a moment of my life to know it there.

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