The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal

The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal

The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr According to Vikas Devkota announce the update the report of cases of Corona. Today Morang, Rautahat, Rupendehi, Kathmandu etc this place were coming the report of Sunday Jestha 11, 2077 B.S. Minimum age is 69, 31, 32, 35, 37,52, 23, 30, 40, 50,25,34, 60, 48 etc report of Corona infected.

Total cases of today will report it out this Corona. But today actually didn’t fix it update to mention with you here. Still cross hundred and hundred cross to touch into the thousand cases in Nepal. Still, teams were checking it out their report will be reported will be update tomorrow.

Still, we faced it out this virus from our country Nepal. The government were trying to solve it out care about cases people then they will track it out through different source reaction form police. Those people of Nepali who fight with this Coronavirus. We all Nepali were the strong fight against this Covid-19.

People were breaking out this rule and regulation which the government will make it action throw person immediately. Corona case will be increased with a number of amount of person will be seen between from age 6 above people we have to listen it out this news. Unkown or uneducated person they didn’t know what is Coronavirus is it?

They will be asked like this question mark with other people. Rest of case people health condition as a normal way in the different hospital department further safe their life care. I will be praying with them those who added a new Corona people. Don’t worry about it the doctor will help it out for your save life.


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