Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today

Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today

Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today at day time on 3pm which there is heavy rainfall over it there. Some of part was the slow-motion of rainfall in Pokhara side. When I come from my scooter from Arba place moves that place which I capture an image under this place over it there. Some of the people were problem under this machinery part today I feel I really so much cold myself on it.

We arrived near at 3pm at Nepali time which I create a new post for you here mention on it. Some of the place we spent with rainfall on summer season. I feel too much cold myself and while the move from scooter side I feel like it that could feel on it. We arrived that place at during time over that place then I will be sharing this post for you here. Some of the places of weather aren’t good during this lockdown period.

Machinery had a small job and it was easy and while talking to the wife here, another one said that our father had talked to the person when Tesco Buda’s sister went for tea. That was all there was to it and I have never had a buddy like that. People do things for their selfies. And we don’t have to be angry when we are angry. And we have to do the same.

And the water was too big and I had to work hard today. Today I went straight to Baba. And I haven’t been able to sleep since morning. You have to think that today is a very good day. And because of the water, we had a lot of fun. And nobody I not Hide was not in the rod. And it was easy. I was wondering if Police would not check because of the water. And when it rained, I cried for you.

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