Travel Vlogs With Friends

Travel Vlogs With Friends

Travel Vlogs With Friends were we just plan to go someplace of Arba Vijaya place side of beautiful hills and forest area. There are 8 people gathering move from Morepani-13, Pokhara we move from that place. After eating a good from there. Then we move there going towards the forest area. To enjoy and make it refresh fun with them.

As a human being, we need to walk here and there from your nearest forest to bring search with enjoying a forest which wildlife was living under this forest. Friends making listen to music with a small loudspeaker on speaker volume which we carry own hand. I just remember those school life memories while moving with them.

They are working under my new house staff which they have  a holiday for those days. They have planed to going up the hillside which seen a beautiful range of valley of hills over to relax with them there. We move on roadside one of person were asking with us. Why you move on a group with friends he tells us. We cannot speak anymore with that person.

Some friends were Magar cast and some were Bramin cast were we join with the fun new place. When you goest unknown place it’s really awesome and amazing to see yourself on it. Try to feel a with enjoyful with friends for that time. Only 3 hours we spend with days on it. We meet with another house which under only one or two house around on it near from forest area.

I also like to hang out with Jesus brothers and have fun. And I was very upset that day. The walk was also very upset. In any case, you have to hit. And if it is not, then the bird will be a little bit. And it’s easy for your body to go out with friends. And it was fun to walk around all day. But I have a very strong opinion that the same people are not interested in hitting Slove.

There is an opinion that it is fun to hang out with friends, but there is an opinion that friends will be more in the group. And they have an opinion from the village and speak the language of the village. And it was fun. And Bell’s bedtime was also fun. Then I came home and took a bath.

I like this kind of people when they are friends and even if one of them is a friend, it is fun and easy. It is an opinion that if you do it together, the birds will be happy. It is located on the sidelines of Pokhara and Arba is the place. The river has also gone straight. This day I put the bird on my website is also easy.

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